About Wim

Hi there, welcome to my website

My name is Wim Werrelman and I am a wildlife photographer from The Netherlands.
I really love to make photos and films of our beautiful world and its creatures. You will find a selection of my best work here.


I am also the managing director of a nice lodge in Malawi: Safari Beach Lodge

Would you like: a print of one of my photos, a fantastic guided photo trip to Zambia and/or Malawi, send me (nice) comments, ask me questions … please contact me (see below for my e-mail).


I hope you like and enjoy my photos!WimoliKLEIN

I use Nikon cameras and lenses, a Gitzo tripod, a Wimberley or UniqBall tripod head, Adobe Photoshop CC and an Apple computer.


All photos on this website Copyright © Wim Werrelman.