Fine art Prints

Would you like one of my photos on your wall as a framed canvas or fine art print?

Two of my photos in Safari Beach Lodge in Senga Bay, Malawi. Both the Giraffe and the Zebra are printed and framed on 
100 x 100 cm quality canvas.

My photo Gull Soup, made in Iceland, printed and framed on
150 x 100 cm quality canvas. Displayed in a home in Lusaka, Zambia.


Lusaka, February 2020. Delivery in person of one of my framed Giraffe photos on 60 x 60 cm quality canvas to Indira, who lives in Singapore. (The photo is wrapped in bubble paper to protect it).

My photo of 2 running zebras in South Luangwa National Park, Zambia (my personal favourite) and 2 baobabs in Malawi.
Both printed and framed on 150 x 100 cm quality canvas. 

They decorate the wall of the Safari Beach Lodge conference room in Malawi.

I spent many hours, days and weeks traveling all over our beautiful planet to enjoy and photograph our spectacular nature, animals, birds, insects and flora. I hope that sharing these photos will help in the awareness that we must all protect our planets precious and beautiful nature.

Some photos were easy to make. Others needed days or weeks of dedicated time and equipment to make.
All of my photos on this website are for sale. All of them are high quality and high resolution and can easily be printed on large size paper or canvas.

In Zambia and The Netherlands I can have them printed and framed for you. In all other countries I would send you the print (on paper or canvas) and you would then have to frame them yourself.

Prices for artwork:

Longest side 60 cm (23,6 inch) or smaller: US$ 100,-
Longest side more than 60 cm: US$ 150,-

These prices are for the artwork. Prices for printing, framing, handling and delivery are not included. 

An example of a 150 x 100 cm print on canvas done here in Lusaka, Zambia:
Print on quality canvas ( 160 x 110 cm): US$ 135,-
Framing and stretching (150 x 100 cm): US$ 120,-
Artwork: US$ 150,-
Total without framing: US$ 285,-
Total with framing: US$ 405,-

An example of a 60 x 60 cm print on canvas done here in Lusaka, Zambia:
Print on quality canvas (70 x 70 cm): US$ 37,-
Framing and stretching (60 x 60 cm): US$ 44,-
Artwork: US$ 100,-
Total without framing: US$ 137,-
Total with framing: US$ 181,-

Prices for framing and printing can vary and change. I will always give you a quotation first before you make the decision.
Prices for delivery vary depending on location and delivery service used. Handling costs are US$ 25,- per photo.

I offer a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied with your print. The period for a refund lasts for 2 weeks after you take ownership. I have yet to refund anyone but I like to offer you maximum peace of mind to assure you of the finest print quality.

To order just contact me directly on the contact page.